Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Regarding Tony Kornheiser

More football controversy:

Tony Kornheiser said something on Monday Night Football that apparently offended people of Hispanic descent, but he promptly apologized.

Now I'm not one to defend Kornheiser, but reaction to his comment has been overblown. I suspect that people calling for his firing are long-time Kornheiser haters trying to take advantage of the gaffe to get him off MNF.

Kornheiser should be removed from the MNF team because he's terrible at it, not because of a silly comment that obviously was not meant to offend. I love Jaws and especially Mike Tirico, whom I think is one of the best play-by-play guys around, but Kornheiser just detracts from the game and adds nothing to the conversation.

So ESPN, if you're going to dump Kornheiser, do it for the right reason--because MNF would be better without him.

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F. Skate Palin said...

Bring back Don Meredith and the ghost of Howard Cosell. MNF just hasn't been the same since the time Humble Howie got drunk and flashed the hash all over Dandy Don's cowboy boots!

Now THAT was some football!