Friday, September 12, 2008

Here's a funny, non-partisan (anti-partisan?) poke at the Presidential candidates and their cohorts.

And some funnies from the mouths of my babes:

Nina is enjoying kindergarten and is proud to report that she's received E's in conduct every single day. Recently she explained the conduct grading system to me. She told me that "E is the best, S is sorta good, N is kinda bad and U is very bad." A couple of days later, I heard her more specifically explain it to her five-year-old cousin Riley.

"E is for Excellent-factory, S is for Satisfactory, N is for Naughty-factory and U is for Unsatisfactory," Nina said.

And the first words out of Amelia's mouth nearly every morning are: "Mommy, you forgot to give me a vitamin." She's a pill fiend already, feigning illness pretty frequently and requesting a cough drop or "pink medicine." This morning she told me that she doesn't ever want to take grown-up medicine until she's "forty hundred eighty zero," because it's ugly colored.

Have a good weekend, all.

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