Friday, August 15, 2008

Aunts are wonderful creatures

All three of Nina's aunts called yesterday or today to inquire about her first day of school. She really appreciates Aunt Susan, Aunt Kelly and Aunt Gina checking up on her, and she hopes to make them all proud.

We've yet to hear a word from any of her grandparents, however, so you better get on the ball Popa and Granny Dee, Grandma and Pappy, Grandaddy and Grandma Terre, and Granny.

(Please note that the above aunts and grandparents are listed in order of age, from oldest to youngest.)

We just found out that Ms. Bogan is Nina's teacher this year, and we're very excited. Nina's Mother's Day Out teacher had a son in Ms. Bogan's class last year, and Ms. Karen says wonderful things about Ms. Bogan.

It's five p.m. on the East Coast, so Happy Weekend everybody!

UPDATE: Kudos to Granny, who called last night.


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