Monday, August 18, 2008

TV's Most Memorable Moments

Here's something fun: The Emmys wants viewers to decide TV's Most Memorable Moment. There are 20 choices in both drama and comedy, and you can even watch the clips (a real trip down memory lane).

There were a lot of great episodes to choose from in comedy and it was a tough call, but I picked "Went With the Wind" from The Carol Burnett Show (largely because of the line “I just saw it in the window and couldn’t resist it.”) I wish they’d had a clip of Tim Conway cracking up Harvey Korman, though. I also wondered why there were no episodes of Cheers or The Andy Griffith Show.

It was a little easier to make a selection in the drama category, as there didn’t seem to be as many great shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Really?) I went with Roots. I can remember my whole family crowding around the TV to watch it every night. Roots was TV at its very best.

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