Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Year of Hope

Meet Hope, our delightful four-legged daughter, who joined the Eason family a year ago. It sure doesn’t seem like she’s been with us a whole year, and I can’t imagine life without her.

After deciding last year that we were ready for a dog, I studied breeds to determine which ones were best with small children. We settled on a beagle, and then found a wonderful rescue group in the area, Mostly Beagles. Julie Cuccia helped us settle on the right pet for our family, and Hope has been nearly perfect. Julie even gave us six weeks of obedience training, included in the nominal adoption fee (that’s her “graduation” picture above).

In the beginning, Hope would climb on the dinner table to eat leftovers, but we’ve trained both her and the kids to cut down on that problem. But she was house trained when we got her (at about three years old), and she just loves our kids, almost as much as they love her.

She’s a little spoiled, sleeping in our beds or on the couch. She loves all other animals and people, and she and Pogo hit it off great. That’s really saying a lot, considering he’s a crotchety, 15-year-old tabby who was used to ruling the roost.

She goes camping with us, and no longer runs off after every little scent. She’s scared to death of thunder and runs around the house like a mad dog during storms. She loves it when Daddy plays tag with the girls and tries to get in on the action. She hates being left home alone, and she has a perch on the couch where she can look through the window while waiting for us to return.

We lucked into the perfect pet, and it’s been a wonderful year having Hope with us. We look forward to many more.

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Julie Mostly Beagles said...

Hearing what a wonderful life you have given Hope makes all the not so good days in dog rescue seem like nothing. It is stories like yours and Hope's that keeps us rescuers going. Thank you so much for loving her and making her a very spoiled part of your family. She would not be the perfect dog without all of the love, time, and effort that you put into training her. Keep up the good work, give Hope a big kiss for me, and let me know if you ever need anything for her.