Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy Day

Here’s my schedule for today

  • Get kids and self ready for busy day
  • Take Nina to kindergarten
  • Take Amelia to Parents’ Day Out
  • Drive downtown for interview
  • Return home and write notes for profile based on interview
  • Conduct follow-up phone interview for a second profile
  • Call another source for quotes on second profile
  • Make final arrangements for photo shoot on third article
  • Write as much as possible on two profiles
  • Double check entries for writer’s conference
  • Run by post office to mail in conference registration and contest entries
  • Pick up Amelia
  • Pick up Nina
  • Devote an hour to Nina’s five-minute homework assignment
  • Prepare and eat dinner
  • Baths, reading and other preparations for getting kids to bed
  • Drink glass of wine to unwind
  • Battle Kevin for computer time to research fantasy football
  • Throw together strategy for fantasy draft tomorrow at noon (I’m totally unprepared)
  • Yell at Kevin for wanting to discuss his draft strategy (he’s been preparing for months)
  • Go to sleep around midnight, totally stressed about tomorrow’s busy day

Oops, almost forgot to fill up the gas tank and run by the grocery store!

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