Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feeling better every day

It's been a very hectic week, but I feel pretty good about all I managed to accomplish. I'm optimistic about the job search--sent out a few resumés this week and met with a placement officer. I tested on several Microsoft programs and did pretty well (90 percent or better on all but Access; time to learn that one). Found out I type 56 WPM, with 96 percent accuracy. I know, I won't win any contests, but not too shabby for a soccer mom. And I did some contract work that will bring in a little money. My volunteer commitments are winding down, so I have a little breathing room.

Kevin's last day of work was Wednesday, and his new-job search began in earnest this week. We got his resumé and project portfolio together and began sending it out to a few targeted companies. He also moved out of his office and brought home several totes of stuff, just what we needed more of around here. The house has gone to pot the last couple of weeks while I've been frantically trying to search for a job, make some money and figure out childcare.

Kevin spent a lot of time Thursday and Friday helping out with the kids, and boy, that sure was nice. I'm used to him being gone 12 hours a day and having to handle all the kid and househould duties myself, so it was great to have him chauffeuring the girls to school and their various activities while I worked. Plus, he did some much-needed house cleaning yesterday afternoon, hounded the insurance company and body shop about our minivan, took Hope to the groomer for a flea dip (Fleas in February? Turns out the vet gave us expired Frontline), and ran a few other errands. He also put away some laundry (GASP!), made my lunch and tutored me on PowerPoint and Outlook.

Hmmm, maybe Kevin's unemployment isn't such a bad thing after all.

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