Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too much TV, not enough time

I recorded 5-1/2 hours of inauguration coverage and I've only watched about an hour so far. It's strange trying to watch it without Kevin. Yes, I've read the newspaper coverage, but this is something I want to SEE.

Nina is pretty excited and really wants to watch some of it. I think tonight we're going to view the FIRST Oath of Office, the one without "faithfully." We also bought an age-appropriate biography of the 44th president the other day and are reading a little each night. Nina really likes reading about Sasha and Malia, though she jealous that they're the same ages as cousins Lillian and Mary. "Which was was born in 2003, like me?" she wants to know. Nina also wants to know a lot more about The Jonas Brothers, since they've figured so prominently in the First Daughters' inauguration-week activities.

So why haven't we watched the whole thing yet? Because I've been caught up in a "Lost" marathon. The Season Five preview aired last night, and I wanted to refresh my memory about the first four seasons. So while Kevin's been out of town, I've been turning on the tube immediately after getting the kids to bed, watching three or four episodes each night. I've been staying up a little too late and having lots of plane-crash nightmares. I'm up to the beginning of Season Three, but I took a break from the DVDs to watch the new show last night.

SPOILER ALERT: Not quite sure what I think about last night's episode--the whole time travel thing is a little far-fetched for me. Still, I'm hopeful about getting a few more answers to some of the many mysteries this season. And where the heck is Claire?

In other exciting Eason family news, I've had a couple of stories in the paper this week, one on a Jack and Jill-Memphis Chapter tennis mentoring program and one about family movie night.

Happy Thursday.

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