Sunday, October 5, 2008

No idle hands around here

It's been a busy couple of weeks, evidenced by the lack of blog entries lately. I've taken on a lot of assignments from The Commercial Appeal (one article ran today), and I've been VERY busy with Nina's school. It's really wonderful being inside those halls of learning to see firsthand the wonderful work going on.

With things so hectic lately (and that's not a complaint, I've enjoyed staying busy), my husband and I decided we needed some quality family time and fun last night. We went to the
Levitt Shell for the last weekend of the concert season, and I was very impressed. It was wonderful to see the Shell brought back to life. The music was fantastic and the environment very kid friendly (my girls danced their booties off) while fun for adults, too. The Shell will encourage a great sense of community and a love of various types of music. We look forward to the spring season and will undoubtedly spend many enjoyable nights at the Levitt Shell.


Liz Hirsch said...

Great to see your positive comments about the new Levitt Shell. It blew me away, totally, and adults & kids love it. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Kelly Eason said...

Thanks to you, your family and the Mortimer Levitt Foundation for your wonderful efforts to revive our Shell. It's a glowing example of how public-private partnerships can benefit a community and all its citizens.