Thursday, November 13, 2008


My NaNoWriMo article appeared in today's Commercial Appeal, along with a sidebar.

Now if I could only get back to NaNo'ing instead of writing about other NaNo'ers, I might get caught up on my novel-in-progress. I really hoped to win in my first time participating, but lots of other things are keeping me VERY busy. I'm writing quite a bit of non-fiction instead of focusing on fiction, plus I've been helping with Memphis City Schools' student exhibition, Sea Isle Elementary's first-even community breakfast and Meadow's tree for the Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees.

And things are only going to get more hectic, with my birthday, Thanksgiving, a trip to Hilton Head, my wedding anniversary, Christmas and a host of holiday activities on the horizon. Hope life can slow down enough for us to enjoy all these happy events.

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Mike Boyd said...

Scorpio or Sagittarius?